Kiralık, Motoryat, Istanbul, Lüks, Custom Yacht

€ 1,100
Ref No
Yat Kiralama Şekli
Kiralık Sınıfı
Custom Yacht
İnşa Yılı
Yolcu Sayısı
Konaklama durumu
2 x Cabins Double Beds
Daha Fazla Detay
<h1>Motor Yacht Charter Turkey</h1> <h2>Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul</h2> <h3>Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul</h3> <h3>Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul</h3> Motor Yacht Charter Turkey,  Istanbul, Rent Motor Yacht Istanbul, Rent Motor Yacht Turkey, Motor Yacht rental Istanbul, Daily Rent Motor Yacht Istanbul, Rent Luxury Motor Yacht, Motoryacht for rent, rent motor yachts, Motor Yacht Charter, Istanbul, Turkey Motor Yacht Charter Turkey Rental Conditions * Embarkation begins at 10:30 hours. * if you let us your reqirements for the meals and drinks we can organize before you entry the boat with your prepayment. * Welcome aperitifs and Dinner will be ready at your first day. * Disembarkation will be on the last day. Yo can stay in the morning, depence the possiblity overnight on board. * All the entrances to historical sites and land tours are extra. * Captain determines by joint decisions to the meals for guests . * Captain may change routes depending weather conditions. Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul Includes * Each cabin private bathroom * Captain, Chef, Sailor, service personnel, * All services, * Transitlog * Towels and bed linen * onboard the use of all possibilities. Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul Extras * Fuel to be used on a route * Charges are asked to prepay up to 30% for the boat. Fee will be refunded the remaining costs. If you need additional pay in this case, the remaining guests will need to be made ​​to pay before you leave. * Local and Abroad Check-in, Check-out and all Harbour expenses. * Catering (collectively, can be obtained from supermarkets. in That case, Except the invoice amount will not pay any other cost.) * Departure Airport Transfers - Return * Fuel for water toys. Motor Yacht Charter Turkey. <a title="Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul" href="http://luxuryguletyachts.com/wp-content/themes/realtorpress/thumbs/unknown-1403-1-2012-06-23351295_landscapex.jpg"><img style="max-height: 100px; max-width: 140px; border: 1px solid #dddddd; padding: 1px; margin-top: -7px;" title="Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul" alt="Motor Yacht Charter Turkey, Istanbul" src="http://luxuryguletyachts.com/wp-content/themes/realtorpress/thumbs/unknown-1403-1-2012-06-23351295_landscapex.jpg" /></a> &nbsp;
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